Hello,Privacy. Do you still exist?

“You’re being watched,” a line from one of my favourite series, Person of interest, always gets me paranoid. Is it for real am being watched? “Off course darling”,I console myself, ” God is watching over you. ” I am sure my Reverend would be proud of my strong faith! But why are my nerves still rattling?

It is the realisation that there is another “god” watching me, the “technology god.” Recently, I watched a video clip about the location services in most of our mobile devices especially smartphones that most of us take to be a simple thing that doesn’t need our attention but are actually something we ought not to ignore. It was amazing to discover that someone can track me from one point to another without me having a single clue about this trampling in my privacy! Then what of telecommunication companies having records of all your telephone conversations! Totally heinous!!

This also brings me to social media and it’s extraction of private information from it’s users. Some of you may sneer and say, it is optional to fill in that information, but haloo, the excitement of wanting to create an online presence comes at a cost, you must give in something that makes you stand out, something that easily identifies you, and what else does someone have to offer apart from their college, work place, home area among others. But is this safe? Setting your profile views to “private” won’t save you from hackers,will it?

Open your eyes to all these CCTV cameras everywhere…. From hotelrooms, to class rooms, to the streets, and you still think you are not being watched? Then what are the cameras for anyway? Last I checked, I saw no one of you taking selfies in the CCTV cameras!

But I won’t blame technology alone, some humans are making a huge living out of breaching people’s privacy. The saddest bit is it could be your relative,or even a lover,jilted or not. Don’t you ever wonder how people’s nude pictures get to your mobile devices and computer screens. Sometimes the people we trust the most betray us too!

I still want to believe I am not being watched but I now know that privacy is a luxury I can no longer afford. A luxury sold to technology and trust in exchange for keeping up with the latest trends.

So the next time your nerves are dancing to a tune you cannot understand, maybe it’s the “technology god” touching you through your smart phone. Could come with some blessings,who knows!

And remember, “YOU ARE BEING WATCHED!” This is no longer a pun,it is real.It is happening…….even right now.


Be nice!! It doesn’t hurt!

It’s one of those days I marvel at the kindness of the human race…

You don’t know the change you are making in someone’s life through that encouraging email…. that beautiful compliment… that sweet simple smile…that thumbs up…that tap on the back propelling one forward…

Honestly, sometimes all we need is someone to believe in us..someone to show us support…someone to show interest in us…someone to care. That’s why companies struggle to promote team work among their employees because they know the value…the impact of togetherness….because a team is like family…their support can take us to places we never dreamed of reaching. Their support builds…..it heals.

So I urge you reading this, be nice…show some care especially to strangers. The world may be full of people who do bad things but who says you have to be like them.

#choose love…..choose life….choose to bless!!!!!

# A date with Nature

Sometimes, all we need is a damn break!!!! A break from our thoughts, academics, work, friends(some**), everyday life and everything that puts us on tension. Sometimes we need a break from our own selves to let nature take over.

The break-taking views of the world around us are a sight to behold, a calmness to experience and most definitely a feeling to fall in love with!!

Sad?? Stressed?? Overwhelmed?? Confused??.. take a deep breath and let mother nature take over……”mother” nature like all our lovely mothers has a calming, soothing and stress relieving remedy for everyone regardless of your location in the world….you could be in Antarctica or in the Sahara but she will share her mystical healing powers with you…so generous,she is!! oh! at a price cheaper than most of our smartphones where need be!!

#A Date with Nature

LOCATION; LAKE MBURO national park, Western Uganda.

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